Not only standard items, but also custom parts according to customers’ specific needs.

Custom parts

Not only standard products but also custom parts. They are unique items representing the company day-to-day commitment and know-how. They are concrete examples of the long-lasting experience of Tecnica Gasket.

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Micro-custom parts

Micro-custom parts are both O-Rings and technical items used in those fields where high precision is essential, such as watches, pressure gauges and airbrushes.

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Custom parts  in LSR

High-precision LSR parts are supplied for many industrial sectors including medical technology, household appliances, automotive as well as the food and pharmaceutical fields. LSR injection-molded parts are developed for a wide range of challenging applications.

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The OR-SEAL gasket, usually called O-Ring, is a sealing, toroidal-shaped element with circular section. OR gasket is used as dynamic or static seal and it is usually placed in a hollow, machine-tooled seat with rectangular section.
O-Rings are widely used in all industrial sectors since elastomer materials allow the contact with a large number of fluids. Dimensional characteristics of O-Rings are defined by internal diameter and section.

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Check valves

Duckbill valves are widely used in applications for liquid or gas distribution to provide reliable backflow prevention at low pressure differentials. They are one-piece elastomeric or liquid silicone valves obtained by a moulding process. Umbrella check valves are unidirectional, they are installed in fluid circuits, where backflow of fluid must be prevented.  Tecnica Gasket manufactures its items upon customer’s drawing with specific equipment designed and conceived inside the company.

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Washers or flat seals are rings with a square or rectangular section which are widely used for static seal. Thanks to their wide sealing surface they are used for static seals, where high pressures are involved. They can also work under minimum pressure and squashing. Thanks to their wider sealing surface they can be used in more applications than O-Rings.

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Bellows can be stretched out or easily furled; they mainly protect rods and components of axial-motion machines from dirt, water sprays, dust and weathering agents.

They can also absorb lateral or offset movements or the combination of they both, as in case of gear units.

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Diaphragms are mainly used to hermetically separate two component spaces.

They do not require special maintenance or lubrication and their working life is therefore very long. Thanks to their exclusive design, they are also used in the most complicated mechanical, liquid and gaseous applications.

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Lip gasket and collars

Lip gaskets are circular gaskets with one or two sealing lips in correspondence with the internal and external diameters.

They are used for all kinds of mechanical sealing, on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and for the sealing on stems of valves or cocks.
Sealing obtained by using lip gaskets is effective both in presence of low and high pressures.

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V-Seal is a circular elastomeric gasket assuring axial sealing to rotating shafts, brushings and bearings. This kind of gasket is fitted with negative allowance to the shaft, which is kept in position by the radial compression originated between the two elements, and rotates together with the shaft. Its elastic lip rests against the side of the part to be protected and assures excellent sealing against dust, dirt, oil splashes, water sprays and other liquids.

Standard types of V-Seals are: VA, VS, VL, VE/VB. Tecnica Gasket can develop and suggest customized drawings and geometries to meet any specific requirement.

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Clamp Seal

Clamp Seal is a circular gasket to be used for liquid sealing when pipes with flanged ends are to be coupled.

It is used above all in the food sector, for example in the milk conveying pipes and whenever hygienic conditions are to be preserved.

The most common standards defining shape, dimensions, tolerances and gaskets assembling are: DIN 32676, ISO 2852, DIN 11851.

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Rubber balls

The most common applications include: safety and non return valves, submersed pumps, siphons pumps, special light bearings, drink dispensers, battery indicators, medical and automotive equipments.

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